ubuntu vs windows
ubuntu vs windows

ubuntu vs windows

10 Difference between Ubuntu and windows

in this article we learn about ubuntu vs windows in step by step. As many of you must be pretty new to knowing the difference between Ubuntu and windows Operating system. Is Ubuntu better than windows? In fact, a common misconception is that ubuntu is a little bit complicated. But if you get used to Ubuntu, it may take a while for an average windows user, it is definitely easy to use.

Since we presume that everyone reading this would already be familiar with Windows operating systems. So the main concern here is to be aware which OS is good for you to use. 


It was developed by Microsoft, released in 1985 and it’s latest version released in 2015. It is closed source and comes with a paid version so needs to purchase the licence and get validated and authenticity. All the available products supported by Microsoft. It is considered the best user experience as easy to operate by the worldwide users and much more secure. It is easy to learn so anyone can thoroughly operate it.  

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It was developed by Canonical Ltd in October 2004. The best part about ubuntu is it’s an open source software and you can use it free without license. It is mostly preferred by the developers and programmers as it works faster. The downside of the ubuntu is that compared to the windows, it’s not easy to learn and operate by the users.

It’s Totally depends on the users the requirement of the Operating system. Since everything has pros and cons so here we’ll explain what are the insights of the ubuntu and the windows operating system. 

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Difference between Ubuntu and windows in the table form :-

Ubuntu operating system was developed by Canonical Ltd in 2004. The Windows operating system is developed by Microsoft in 1985
Ubuntu operating system belongs to the Linux family.The Windows operating system belongs to the Windows NT family.
It is an open source software and free Version. It is a closed source software and is a paid version. 
For gaming purposes ubuntu is not so good.For gaming purposes windows is better than Ubuntu.
Ubuntu has more customizable options than WindowsWindows has less customizable options than Ubuntu.
It is more secure and more Privacy focusedIt is less privacy focused than Ubuntu.
Its user community professional developersIts user community is ordinary users and game players.
Ubuntu is not easy to learn as compared to windows as it mainly works with commandsWindows is very easy to learn and start so everyone loves it.

Bundle of softwares

One of the main reasons people give for sticking with Windows is bundled of  software’s. Windows by default has a very minimal software set. The basic features that we need are–word processor, spreadsheet and a presentation software are also not present. You’ll have to purchase and install the MS Office suite separately.

On the other hand Ubuntu 20.04, Or 20.10 comes with the LibreOffice suite (a Microsoft Office Equivalent) preinstalled. It also has F-spot that has chat provisioning for Facebook, G-Talk, Yahoo, within a single platform. However, some advanced commercial software like the Dreamweaver,Photoshop etc. is not available on Linux. due to which, thousands of web developers and designers choose Windows over Linux.

Because the Linux software is open-source and By switching to Ubuntu, you open up a world of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). When you boot up for the first time, you won’t find Microsoft Office, but you will have access to LibreOffice instead. 


Windows comes with Windows media player. That is pretty much useless without codecs because the majority of the videos/movies that we watch require codecs like Xvid. So you’ll need to download a codec pack before Windows media player to make it fully functional.

Ubuntu is bundled with Movie Player, and also requires downloading codecs. However, in both the operating systems, it is very easy to watch videos by simply installing a VLC media player.

Minimum requirements

Windows requires a minimum of 1000 Mhz processor with 4 GB of RAM, while Ubuntu requires a minimum of 700 Mhz processor with 384MB RAM. While these are the official uses requirements, in practice, the requirements are considerably higher. 

Subsequently, If you install both the operating systems on similar hardware, Ubuntu’s will perform better than that of Windows. In fact, if you were to pull out a 7 year old computer from the garbage, Ubuntu will work flawlessly.

Easy To use

This is the part that worries most users who are used to the Windows User interface.Ubuntu is not easy to learn and start with as compared to Windows as it mainly works with commands. In case you are not pleased with the Ubuntu user interface, there is another distribution of Ubuntu called Kubuntu, which has a marvellous user interface,it’s very easy to use and is similar to the look of Windows in many aspects.


Microsoft decided that the Windows operating system will determine for you and you can work flawlessly. But, Just as you sit down to work on your Windows PC, or you open your favourite software, you get a popup asking you to update Windows.This situation occurs as Windows and macOS handles operating system and application updates separately. 

Ubuntu gives it a different touch while Installations and updates as these are managed via repositories. You can download the application from the developer’s website, where repositories contain the software package. Using these repositories, the Software Updater can notify you of pending updates. This makes it a single destination to manage all your updates, to ensure you have the latest version of Ubuntu.

Computer security

If you’ve ever used a Windows PC, you need to purchase antivirus software for better functioning. Windows is a target by malware, scammers, and viruses. However, Windows 10 handles security in a very easy way. Microsoft has introduced the User Account Control (UAC), which performs a similar function as the ubuntu to stop attacks. 

There’s not a doubt that Ubuntu is more secure than Windows.This means that if you want to make a change to the system, like installing an application, you need to enter your password to do it. In Windows, you don’t. So this is not easy to execute malware or a virus inside Ubuntu. You can still browse the web safely, visit reputable sites, and be careful. 


Microsoft restricts the amount of customization you can do on its operating system. But with the technology swift, Windows 10 is the most customizable edition yet, it’s still nowhere near the levels seen on Ubuntu.

If you’ve used, at least seen, older versions of Ubuntu, you may be shown a new-dated appearance. if the look of the default Ubuntu set up doesn’t suit your work, there are ways to make your ubuntu desktop look beautiful. And, if you miss the work of Windows, you can even bring Linux to look like Windows.

System Resources

Windows is a feature-packed operating system, but you probably don’t need or use all of the functionality baked into the software. However, the capability is still there, and it drains resources from your primary tasks.Many background processes are running in Windows, as well, and it isn’t an easy task to control them. 

If your computer is an old version, and you don’t want to upgrade it, installing Ubuntu may be the 2nd solution. Ubuntu isn’t the only lightweight Linux distribution that can give your old PC new life, but it is among the most popular and stable. But keep in mind, During the installation, you can either choose standard or minimal setups. 


If you have been playing high-end  games on your PC, they were built for the Windows platform, which makes extensive use of Microsoft DirectX. So Gaming support is another aspect of an operating system. 

While Linux does have many games, it certainly cannot match Windows  in this area.So its not hard to say that Windows 7 should be definitely your choice if you are a gamer.

 Cost  of Operating system

Microsoft initially offered free downloads of Windows. But this opportunity was limited and had expired. Yes, there are some ways to get Windows for free or cheap, but they are limited and you can know the entry-level Windows Home costs ranges from $100 to $300 (Rs. 5000 to Rs.15000) depending on the version you are buying. That is a lot of money, especially if you are looking for an operating system to revive older hardware.

Unlike Microsoft’s operating system, Ubuntu is entirely free. This not only saves you money on a Windows license but also you can save money on new hardware. by opting to forgo Windows pre installation, Ubuntu has always been and will always be free. You can download it from the official website. It may interest you to know that Desktops and laptops that are shipped through the ecommerce stores without a Windows license have a lower cost. And For obvious reasons that it does not include the cost of a Microsoft license.  


Both Windows and Ubuntu have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the user’s usability. Most of the developer and tester community prefer to use Ubuntu whereas for the general purpose and gamers prefer to use Windows. so it’s mainly based on the user’s need and choice. As we all know Windows is the default choice as it is easy to learn and work flawlessly. On the other side, Ubuntu is somehow difficult but better than this for many reasons mentioned above.

If you are an average user, who uses the computer for some email, little bit of presentations or spread-sheets, movies and web browsing, Ubuntu/Linux is Definitely the operating system you should use. It enables you to accomplish everything that you normally do using Windows 7, or 10, it’s much more secure, has little or no maintenance, and it’s free of cost.

Now you can understand the difference between ubuntu and windows. And if you’re a designer, gamers, or from a programmers community, who develop software for the Microsoft platform, or have certain applications that only run on Windows, you should stick to Windows OS. stay tuned with us as we’re coming with more IT-related solutions that will help you explore more.