ubuntu server 20.04 installation steps with screenshots
Installation of Ubuntu 20.04 Step By Step

ubuntu server 20.04 installation steps with screenshots

In this Tutorials We Learn About the ubuntu server 20.04 installation steps with screenshots. Ubuntu is a Linux-based computer operating system that has taken the world by storm. Ubuntu descends from one of the oldest and most revered Linux. The first release was in October 2004. Ubuntu is made available in two main forms: the Desktop and the Server install. Ubuntu Have Many Distributions


Ubuntu Server
Ubuntu Budgie
Ubuntu Studio
Ubuntu Kylin

First Download Ubuntu20.04 ISO Image from Bellow Links:


Create a Bootable DVD or make a bootable Pen drive

I use the Rufus Software (It is free and open-source ) to make the pen drive bootable. Attach a USB drive with the system and launch the Rufus.

launch rufus Software

Click DEVICE Option and It detects all attached USB drive but Select the USB drive which you want to use for this process.

Select Device In Rufus Software

Click the Select button, and select the downloaded ISO image file of Ubuntu 20.04.

Select Iso Image In Rufus Software

Browse Ubuntu 20.04 ISO Image

Browse ISO From Your System

After Browse Image Click On Start Button .

select mode that you want to use to write iamge
Start Rufus to Make Bootable USB

Once the START button is clicked, the Rufus starts the process.

Insert Bootable Ubuntu USB and Restart the system.

Ubuntu Start Image

Choose Keyboard language and Click On Continue Button .

Choose Keyboard Layout in Ubuntu

select Ubuntu Gnome or Install Ubuntu Gnome which you want

Installation mode

By default, the system choose English(us) and English But if your keyboard is of non-standard then you can select the language or Click on Detect Keyboard Layout and System will choose Automatically.

Select Keyboard Layout During Install Ubuntu 20.04

Installation Type Screen as Bellow:

Normal Installation: this is Full Desktop environment , Ubuntu Install All Package like web Browse, Office Software, Games,Media Players and Utility Software .

Minimal Installation: Install Basic Utility, web Browser, Most Important Software.

Download Updates white installing Ubuntu: System will update the package after installation.

choose Installation Type in Ubuntu 20.04

Installation Type: Disk Partitioning.

Erase Disk And Install Ubuntu: when yous choose this option require more attention.This type of installation Ubuntu will delete all the files and data from Your system. when you have Fresh Installation Or Have New HDD Choose this Erase Disk And Install Ubuntu , system will create only the required number of partitions from Your entire HDD

Something else :

You Can create partition like /home, var,/data, etc, resize partition Yourself .choose Multiple Partition for Ubuntu.

select Installation According to your Requirement and Click On Install Now

choose Installation Disk during Installation Ubuntu 20.04

All data from your disk will be Delete. Once ready click On Continue Button.

Write the change to Disks

Select your Time Zone and Click On Continue Button to Next .

Select Time Zone In Ubuntu 20.04

Who Are You:

Fill the Require field (Your name, Your computer Name, Pick a User Name, password, and confirm password) as Bellow Image the Click On Continue Button to Install Ubuntu.

fill the  your name,computer name ,password and Confirm Password

Once click On Continue Ubuntu Installation start

Ubuntu 20.04 installation Started

Desktop Login Screen enter User password and Hit Enter.

Ubuntu 20.04 Login Screen


Above tutorials, we Learned About ubuntu server 20.04 installation steps with screenshots . if you have any doubt regarding this article you can inform us via mail and comment.