Nginx vs Apache which is the best web server?
Nginx vs Apache which is the best web server?

Nginx vs Apache which is the best web server?

Let us come today to the question continuing from the centuries Nginx vs Apache. Let’s begin.

What is a Webserver?

It is a piece of software acting upon specific hardware which accepts all webpage requests like HTTP or HTTPS. Mainly the browser is the front line of sending all of the requests. After the browser request content to a web server if the object is available then the content is viewed or an error message is viewed. A webserver could be run on a single computer as well. But to run a large number of requests and heavy traffic fleets of computers are used.


Apache web server is the oldest webserver. Even though the current versions have evolved a lot, it still has a huge number of users. It runs about 60% of the websites on the internet till 2011. Apache webserver powers some of the most popular websites out there like Google, Yahoo!, GoDaddy, Flickr and WordPress. Apache, a Web server created by Robert McCoo in 1995.

Apache Web server
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It is stable and reliable and currently used by ~40% of all web servers. It is also popular among developers, as Apache offers a large number of modules. HTTPd or the Apache web server is open-source software designed to create a network of information sharing.

On beforehand, its competitor was Microsoft now its competitor is Nginx.


Nginx (pronounced engine-x) is getting popular really well. While it serves the same purpose as Apache, but with higher performance and lower memory usage, it is also providing some new features to web server users. It’s really becoming a big competitor of Apache and people are switch to Nginx from apache because of its features.

It is a MySQL-based web server that is open source and written with C programming language. It was developed by Igor Sysoev in 2004 and a stable version released in November 2004.

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In my opinion, the price point, speed, extensibility and the fact that it can be used for both backend (.php) and static content makes this webserver something a lot of developers will consider for their next project.

Let Us Compare Nginx vs Apache


The performance in the web servers matters a lot in page load and speeds. There are two types of categories in performance:- Dynamic and static

Static content

It is the images, javascript, CSS, or videos or the content that does not change with users’ behavior. So in static content, the Nginx is the best.

there was a survey done in 2015 on both the servers on the same hardware. so there were two thousand contents loaded by Nginx. But at the same time, the apache server just could handle only four hundred contents loaded.

Even the Nginx used 4% less memory than Apache. So, the result was that Nginx was 4.5 times faster than apache. So after this survey, it caused a growth in Nginx.

Dynamic content

These are the contents that change with a change in user behaviour like an admin will see other content than a normal viewer.

It has dynamic logic for which the contents will be loaded. Now if we have to talk about which is best in dynamic content both of them are quite the same. Both of them have really well configured and optimized for dynamic content.


In the field of security, both of them can handle DDoS attacks and brute force attacks. The DDoS attack is the traffic flooding attack in which the hacker’s numerous packets of requests from the server.

And the Brute force attack is the attack on the servers where some programs made by Hackers. these programs do multiple password combinations and try to enter the dashboard. So both the servers can handle both of the attacks in their latest version.


It is the amount of customization and controllability we can do without touching the core files. Here Apache is the pure winner. Due to the presence of the .htacess file, we can overwrite the models.

Here we have two configurations one is global and the other is the manual configuration. Where we can customize the settings according to our own needs. But in the case of Nginx, we have only one configuration which is the global configuration.


Documentation is the guide to where and what things to do and its compatibility. So documentation is very important to have good documentation to sort out problems and all on our own.

Firstly, both of them have good documentation available on the Internet. But Nginx takes the lead here due to having video tutorials and certification courses on their official website. So, no problem with any of the servers but Nginx moves slightly ahead.


In the case of support, both of them has a huge community to help you out. So, lots of groups, peoples, organization those who are using Nginx or apache could help you out.

But in the terms of official support, the Nginx again moves ahead. As Nginx has a plus plan which includes official support by the company it is slightly better.

Nginx vs Apache comparision
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Comparison Table

Best for static content. Loads faster and use less RAM.Static contentTakes time for loading also uses high resources.
Good for dynamic content also but HTTPS cache usage not there.Dynamic contentGood for dynamic content also and due to HTTPS cache usage it is recommended.
Can handle DDoS attacks and brute force attacks.SecurityCan handle DDoS attacks and brute force attacks.
Not much Flexible due to not having .htacess fileFlexibilityFlexible due to having .htacess file
A good amount of documentation is available. Also video tutorial and certification courses are there.DocumentationGood amount of documentation are available
Has official company support in the plus plan.SupportNo official support is there but lots of community are avaliable.

Final words Nginx vs Apache

Both of them are quite good webservers but for a recommendation, it depends upon the use case. For example, if are making a website that has high traffic or deals with huge bandwidth then Nginx is for you.

It has an HTTP cache and much more high speed and more performance. But if you are in search of finding a webserver for setting up hosting the Apache is for you. Nowadays people are using combined servers so you can go with that as well. That’s all for Nginx vs Apache


There is no right answer to the question of whether Nginx or Apache serve a better web server than each other.

The battle of the two titans continues for a really long time, and only one thing is sure – there will never be a winner. Both servers have their own strengths so just do not forget to compare strengths and weaknesses before choosing the best based on your goals and needs. Hope you got your answer if you have any doubt comment down Thank you.

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