what is iPhone Operating System
ios full form

what is iPhone Operating System

The iOS full form stands for iPhone Operating System established in the year 2007. It is very popular and almost everyone has come across this over time, at least the Apple phone users for sure. The iOS is an operating system for Apple mobiles, tablets, and iPods. The iOS is developed and distributed by Apple Inc.

It’s very much similar to UNIX operating system. And gradually they designed the MAC Operating system for Apple laptops and desktops. There are four layers within iOS, which are:

  • Core OS Layer includes frameworks with external hardware and security.
  • Core Layer has services for upper layers.
  • Media Layer helps in the up-gradation of necessary technologies for graphics, audio, and video.
  • Cocoa Touch Layer includes frameworks for creating an application.

Key Features Of IOS Operating System:

Apple phones are famous for their features and they will never disappoint any user in this matter. They include all the latest technology possible. Some of the key features of iOS full form i.e. iPhone Operating System are:

  • VPN support along with multiple Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular network connectivity.
  • Gesture recognition support makes the iPhone usage more handy with quick swiping.
  • Push email ensures faster communication in iPhone devices.
  • Safari mobile browser comes as default in iOS devices.
  • Airdrop feature for cross-platform communication between other Apple devices.
  • Apple Pay, allows one to store credit card details. Hence paying is quite easy with the iPhone.
  • Integrated front-and rear-facing camera for better photography.
  • Feasible Apple App Store to download iTunes, music, podcasts, movies, etc.
  • Scheduling reminds one to update the phone as the new update is released.

Demand For IOS:

The demand for iOS has increased simultaneously with the new launches. According to the reports, it’s the 2nd highest trusted OS after Google Android. There is an increase in the market share of almost 13% from past years. It also comes with the best technology along with the new updates. All these make an iPhone user to gets addicted to the phone.

Benefits of An iOS Operating System

There are many users nowadays who are switching over to iOS because of its benefits:

  • Security of user’s data is guaranteed with iOS.
  • This operating system offers a friendly user interface to iPhone users.
  • iOS has always been known for its high-quality standards.
  • Potent Apple App store comes with iOS devices.
  • Great and clear camera quality is one of the major highlight of iPhone devices.
  • High-intensity picture resolution and display improves user experience.
  • iOS offers one of the best-in-class customer care service
  • iOS operating system provides great battery backup and efficiency.

If one wants to buy any iOS-related gadgets, read these points, and makes your decision easier.  One can experience all these features after using iPhone. We hope this article about iOS full form proves knowledgeable to you.

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