Basic System Configuration In Centos_Linux 8 (1)

In this Tutorials, we Learn About How to change hostname date time and timezone and system locale step y step with Screenshot.

Change Hostname:

In Linux/CentOS Host name can also change at the time of operating system installation as bellow Images.

change  Host Name During OS Installation in Centos/Linux

You can change the host name after installation.

Temporary change hostname ( when you restart system . it will be back) .

check Hostname in Centos/Linux 8

To Change Permanent host name Type Bellow Commands .

[root@simitech ~]# vim /etc/hostname

CHeck host name and system Information in Centos/Linux 8

Check And Change Date And Time:

timedatectl : display the current date and time along with detailed information about the configuration of the system and hardware clock, run the timedatectl command with no additional command-line options:

[root@simitech ~]# timedatectl

Check System Date and time inCentos/Linux 8


datetimectl set-time change the time of the system fellow the Below Step.

[root@simitech ~]# timedatectl set-time 15:20:40

Change System Date in Centos/Linux 8


The format for changing the date of the system is given below.

[root@simitech ~]# timedatectl set-date

Change System Date in Centos/Linux 8

we can change both the date and time of the system in One command. the format is given below.

[root@simitech ~]# date [MMDDhhmmYY[.ss]]

format of system  to change date and time  In Centos/Linux 8

[root@simitech ~]# date 082912512020.50

change Date and In Linux/Centos8 through Terminal

OR [root@simitech ~]# timedatectl set-time ‘2020-08-29 12:51:50’

change both date and time in centos/Linux 8


When you want to change the system’s timezone following the Bellow command.

To check the current time of the system execute bellow command .

[root@simitech ~]# timedatectl

check Timezone In Centos/Linux 8

check All Available time zone in your system in below command Pressing Enter from the keyboard will show all the time.

List Of Timezone in Centos 8

Change the time zone as per your Requirement We are changing Dubai for example.

[root@simitech ~]# timedatectl set-timezone Asia/dubai

Change TimeZone In Centos/Linux 8

System locale Setting:

Check and change System Locale and keyboard layout.

localectl: may be used to query and change the system locale and
keyboard layout settings. Execute the following command to show the current locale in the system

check All Available locale in your system in below command Pressing Enter from the keyboard will show next locales.

[root@simitech ~]# localectl [root@simitech ~]# localectl list-locales

Check System Locale In Centos/Linux 8

Change locale :

[root@simitech ~]# localectl set-locale en_AU.utf8

Change System Locale In Centos/Linux 8

In this Tutorials, we learned About how to change the hostname, date time, and timezone on CentOS 8. I hope that you will now be able to change the hostname, date, time, and time zone of your system. If your problem is still not solved share your Problem via comments.

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