Android 12 Developer Preview

android 12 preview and feature Google launched Android 12 Developer Preview this month. This program is available for free that will help create the next version of OS and latest feature Mobile, and you can start immediately by downloading the Developer Preview SDK and Tools. You can preview its feature by downloading the Developer Preview SDK and tools. os 12 focuses on audio, music, and security. And hope that by the end of this year, Google will launch the beta version of Android 12.
Android 12: Features

Google 12 will give you an app pair feature, in which you can launch two apps simultaneously so that users will be able to launch two apps simultaneously.

Android 12 includes a theming system feature. Basically, this will allow you to apply a preset color palette to the entire system. And if app developers make a dent in support, this color scheme can be applied to all apps as well.
Android 12 has included an auto-rotate feature. Your mobile will now adjust the screen according to your face whether you are sitting or lying down.

Android 12 will support automatic media transcoding for high-quality formats. Android 12 will automatically transcode the video file to the more common Advanced Video Coding (AVC) format.

In this article, we learn about the latest android 12 developers’ release we discussed the android 12 preview and feature. for detailed review, you can visit here.

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